The Gateway Pundit to Face Senate Press Gallery Executive Committee at Monday Hearing

Jim Hoft and Lucian Wintrich (Image credit: filmmakers Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus)

There is a new, untrusting America that surrounds Washington, D.C. There are figures in the crowds at rallies and protests, faces behind screens and voices yelling out, yet mainstream media outlets jump at the first opportunity to ignore their cries for honesty, integrity, and — most importantly — reality in reporting.

Americans want a say in the political discourse. Openness is now paramount and pre-packaged narratives by Media Matters for America or the New York Times simply do not cut it because that is not reality. Those are stories being told and it is a narrative wherein a little here is omitted, a little there is fluffed up, and a lot everywhere throughout is fraudulent.

The United States of America was granted the greatest gift of all, the Internet, and now the fifth estate that is mainstream media are being unmasked and their lies and deception are center stage in today’s political discourse. While the Mainstream Media continue to spin their narratives and attempt to keep their stronghold on the national discussion, we here at the Gateway Pundit are determined to do things differently. To add more voices to the national discussion, and to call out false reporting at the hands of the MSM whenever possible.

The Gateway Pundit continues to see remarkable and reflective growth and success. It has done so for a little over a decade and is only picking up steam as well as readers and contributors. The Gateway Pundit is the fifth (5th) most commented political news site in America and is listed as one of the Top 10 political blogs and websites in the US.

The Gateway Pundit does something few in political news have ever done, and that is represent, and speak to, “middle America”. In name alone, the Gateway Pundit already does this and it does it well. The fervent growth is a reflection of the dissatisfaction from those that Democrats label “slope-headed”, the “deplorables” that Hillary branded – without the Gateway Pundit, the silent majority, America’s salt-of-the-earth, go on without a voice. What baffles coastal elites more than anything else within the political dialogue is the truth that they are not the only people that can read, understand, and debate national politics, or even global politics. The condescension that middle America experiences at the hands of the mainstream media fifth estate is unbearable and when an entire class of people within the American landscape are forgotten, America has failed.

“New Media” has been generally dominated by the left with entities like BuzzFeed and HuffPo (formerly the Huffington Post). The reason they dominate stems from their adherence to the left-wing media bias that is evidenced in every medium of journalistic reporting (from digital, to print, to TV). Breitbart has attempted to slip through the cracks, but it has been decried as bias, “far-right”, and “#FakeNews” by left-wing outlets.

The left controls the demarcations of the industry and in truth, they also define the livelihood of conservatives and right-wing figures in “New Media”. To dismiss the bias state of contemporary journalism is to deny the reality of the pernicious political media landscape. To deny CNN’s liberal bias is to deny any sense of truth. Understanding the changing media climate, the Mainstream Media is fighting new forces in the discussion, forces that don’t adhere to their bias, tooth and nail. This brings us to today.

The Gateway Pundit is self-sufficient and exists thanks to advertising and our dedicated readership, which continues to grow. The Gateway Pundit is a staple in the “New Media” dialogue and is actively attempting – to use liberal phraseology – to “correct the record” about right-wing individuals and conservatives alike. D.C. is not America, but the Gateway Pundit needed a foothold there in order to infiltrate the liberal controlled stronghold that is that city, so a D.C. branch was established and is currently helmed by Lucian Wintrich.

What was not expected was the extreme push-back from Washington elites against the Gateway Pundit. We have faced several obstacles in the few months we have been reporting from Washington DC.

Conservatives and Libertarians are being denied their legitimacy. If the current President of the United States’ victory is to be taken for what it was, then it is the duty of legislators and lawmakers to grant the massively underrepresented middle-America and working-class-America a real, legitimate voice in media. A voice that also presents questions to legislators and lawmakers that working Americans are concerned about.

Despite The Gateway Pundit meeting all qualifications for credentialing, the Committee responsible for granting House and Senate press credentials has denied our request, which delays our entry despite public and administrative support.

This Monday, June 12th 2017, The Gateway Pundit’s founder and EIC Jim Hoft along with D.C. Correspondent Lucian Wintrich and Media and Ethics Lawyer, Charles Glasser, counsel to Gateway Pundit, look forward to stating our case to the Committee, and discussing the First Amendment implications and the necessity for other voices in the room – voices that aren’t financed by special interests – but voices that are a specific and genuine reflection of the voices of America and every day Americans.

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Jim Hoft is the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative news outlets in America. Jim was awarded the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award in 2013 and is the proud recipient of the Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Journalism from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation in May 2016. In 2023, The Gateway Pundit received the Most Trusted Print Media Award at the American Liberty Awards.

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