Former NH Governor: Mueller Hiring Biased Democrat Lawyers Because He Knows There’s Nothing to Investigate (VIDEO)

Former Governor of New Hampshire, John Sununu told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Monday morning that Mueller is hiring Democrat lawyers because he knows that there is nothing to investigate. 

As TGP previously reportedRobert Mueller is stacking his Special Counsel team with Democrat donors and Obama lawyers as their Stalin-like witch hunt of ‘show me the man, I’ll show you the crime’ continues full steam ahead.

Camerota: “Should the White House know if the President is being investigated for obstruction of justice?”


Sununu: “If the President is being investigated for obstruction of justice, the White House should have been officially notified.”

Camerota asked Sununu if he was bothered by the possibility that President Trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice. Sununu brought up the fact that Mueller is stacking his legal team with biased lawyers who are Democrat donors.

Sununu: “What bothers me the most–and there must be a reason for it, is Mueller making four of his first hires so blatantly biased lawyers, pro-Democrat lawyers with a bias certainly against the President…

…Maybe Mueller has decided internally that this isn’t going anywhere and that the only way he can have credibility on a decision saying that there’s nothing there is to have that decision come from a group of lawyers that are so blatantly biased against the President.”

VIDEO via NTK Network:

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