FINALLY! Judge Jeanine Goes Off on ANTI-TRUMP and TREASONOUS GOP: “You’re in Power Damn It! Do Something!” (VIDEO)

Currently there is a play running in New York City Central Park that includes a Donald Trump ASSASSINATION SCENE!

As of this post, Paul Ryan HAS NOT condemned the Trump assassination play!

Ryan and fellow Republican leaders have remained silent as liberal actors act out the assassination of President Trump night after night in Central Park.

Republican leaders rarely, if ever, come to the president’s defense — and refuse to legislate his policies.

On Saturday Judge Jeanine went off on the anti-Trump and treasonous GOP elites who are willfully bringing down the Republican president.

Judge Jeanine: You want to talk Russia. Let’s talk Russia. Let’s talk about the sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia. And Hillary Clinton signing off on the deal. The Clinton Foundation, that slush fund received $140 million and Bill Clinton getting more than twice or triple his speech fee. You’re empowered damnit! Do something! Pass something. Cut this kumbayah crap, put on your big boy pants and act like you’re in power! ACT LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN! And more important, convince us that you’re not in on the effort to take down the president.

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