#FAKENEWS: MSM Fabricate Senate Press Restrictions Claims, Slowly Walk-it-Back

Well, if the MSM were actually capable of admitting their mistakes and feeling embarrassed… now would certainly be the time.

It was just revealed that the entire narrative of newly “restricted access” was entirely a fabrication by the left. Senate Rules Committee Chairman Richard Shelby announced that there absolutely going to be no changes to “existing rules” in a statement made today: “no changes to the existing rules governing press coverage on the Senate side of the Capitol complex.”

Sen. Shelby made it clear that there are pre-existing rules that some journalists are not complying with, but no new restrictions are being added. Democrats attempted to jump on the #FakeNews about newly restricted access, claiming that its sole purpose was to keep journalists from covering health care legislation.


It is also worth noting that the various journalists-staffed gallery committees that grant access (such as the one that denied Gateway Pundit access just yesterday) have their own, additional, rules that restrict filming in hallways. Conservative Journalist Cassandra Fairbanks informed the Gateway Pundit that her credentials were pulled for using the video-sharing app Periscope in the hallways for the Capital late last year Where was the MSM outrage back then?

This is yet one of the many cases where MSM journalists not only set the rules, but believe the rules do not apply to them and then scream with claims that their rights are under attack. In this case, they turned the entire ordeal into a fake news story that is still circulating among major publications. Apparently, none of these publications felt the need to do even rudimentary background research, or read the pre-existing rules and charters:

The Hill: Senate Republicans back off proposed restrictions on media

Buzzfeed: Democrats And Reporters Say The Senate Is Trying To Restrict Press Access

NBC: Senate Rules Committee reverses restrictions on talking to senators on Capitol Hill

CNN: Senate suddenly bars reporters from filming senators in Capitol hallways

ThinkProgress: Conservatives want to restrict abortion so much they’ll endanger their own health care bill

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