FAKE NEWS=> MSNBC Caught Trying to Pass Off Top Obama Campaign Director as Random Passerby (VIDEO)

Fake News MSNBC conducted street interviews on Saturday to ask ‘everyday folks’ what they thought about fired FBI Director James Comey’s recent Senate testimony.

MSNBC tried to pass off a top Obama campaign aide as a random passerby in the park, labeling her as only a ‘Los Angeles resident’.

NBC News’ Jinah Kim interviewed a few random people–you know, a recent transplant from the UK, a tourist from the Midwest and a top Obama campaign aide who was just a ‘Los Angeles’ resident. What a coincidence that this woman happened to be strolling through a park while the leftist media was there conducting interviews about Comey.


Top Obama campaign aide Alma Marquez AKA ‘Los Angeles Resident’: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and the fact that he would make a very specific request to have everybody else leave the office so that he would be alone with Comey, for me, speaks volumes.”


The Daily Caller pointed out:

Oddly enough, Marquez looks eerily similar to the same Alma Marquez who served as the CA Latino vote director for Obama’s campaign in 2008 and describes herself as a “community and political strategist.”

While it’s not confirmed that it’s the same person, looking at pictures side by side makes it seem highly suspect. Here is a photo of the Ms. Marquez, who worked for Obama (on the far left, next to famed feminist Gloria Steinem):

Compare the two pictures below. It looks exactly like the same woman, same glasses, same exact name. The Fake News media has been caught doing this many times so we shouldn’t be surprised.

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