FAKE NEWS: Media Reports that Warriors Are Boycotting White House – COMPLETE CRAP

The fake news media is claiming that the Golden State Warriors have unanimously decided to decline an invitation to visit the White House in celebration of their NBA championship. The team responded by saying that they haven’t even been invited yet.

A CNBC reporter sparked a rumor after he tweeted out, “NBA Champion Warriors skipping the White House visit, as a unanimous team decision per reports.” The tweet has been re-tweeted THOUSANDS of times. This is how fake news is spread.


CNN ran with a headline, “It’d be shocking if the Warriors went to the White House”


The Daily Mail also ran a story: ‘Golden State Warriors reportedly vote unanimously to skip White House visit with President Donald Trump’:

Multiple sources told the network that while Kerr made his feelings known at the time, there is no reason to believe that he has had a change of heart since then.

Earlier on Tuesday, rumors were circulating that the team will stay away from the White House after harsh criticism leveled at Trump by key team members.

Well, per the NBA’s official website, they haven’t been invited yet, nor made a decision:

The Golden State Warriors say no decision has been made regarding a potential White House visit to celebrate their NBA title.

The Warriors issued a statement Tuesday saying that “today is all about celebrating our championship” and that they have not received an invitation to the White House. The statement added the organization would make those decisions when and if necessary.”

The team issued the statement following multiple reports that the Warriors had voted unanimously against making a White House trip.


H/T The Daily Caller

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