EU Begins Legal Procedures to Dump Muslim Refugees Into ‘Non-Compliant’ States

Tuesday, the EU began to take legal action against Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic due to their refusal to accept refugees.

The European elites are a little upset about smarter states refusing to take in the disease that is “refugees”. The case in question comes from a decision by the EU to “proportionally” relocate 160,000 migrants. While Hungary and Poland refused to take in any migrants, the Czech Republic, in a masterstroke of trolling, decided to take in only 12.

The EU, angry at this, is launching “infringement procedures” claiming that the three nations are violating their “obligations as member states”.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Regrettably, despite … repeated calls, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, in breach of their legal obligations stemming … and their commitments to Greece, Italy and other member states, have not yet taken the necessary action,” the European Commission said in a statement. “Against this background … the Commission has decided to launch infringement procedures against these three Member States.”

The European Court of Justice will decided whether the countries failed to meet their obligations. A financial penalty may be imposed if the countries continue to refuse the quotas after a ruling in favor of the EU.

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said his country has no intention to reverse its immigration policies any time soon.

“With regard to the worsened security situation in Europe and dysfunctionality of the quota system, it will not participate in it,” Sobotka said after EU’s announcement, according to Reuters.

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