DUMB AS A BRICK: Chelsea Clinton Gets Roasted on Twitter After Falling For Steve Bannon’s Trolling

Dumb-as-a-brick Chelsea Clinton feigned outrage over a joke Steve Bannon about Sean Spicer. More virtue signaling from a left-wing shill like Chelsea Clinton who is propped up by the media sycophants.

As TGP previously reported, the left-wing media lost their minds Monday after Sean Spicer held a no-video, no-audio press gaggle. Very Fake News CNN’s Jim Acosta threw a tantrum saying, Sean Spicer is ‘useless’.

Social media was set ablaze after The Atlantic reported that Steve Bannon responded to an inquiry as to why press briefings were being held off camera by saying in a text message, “Sean got fatter” and did not respond to a follow up.


Obviously Steve Bannon was trolling, but Chelsea Clinton is too dense or doesn’t have a sense of humor because she unleashed on her Twitter account, accusing the White House of ‘using fat shaming to justify increased opacity’. That’s a big word for a grifter who has lived off of her last name her entire life! I wonder how many assistants it took for her to come up with that tweet.

Charlie Spiering, White House Correspondent for Breitbart News blasted dumb as a brick Chelsea Clinton telling her it was a joke:


Chelsea got roasted on Twitter:

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