Democrat Organizer: Potential Ossoff Voters Are Hard to Reach Because They Still Live at Home With Parents

A Democrat precinct captain working for Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaign opined recently that a lot of constituents are “hard to reach” because they still live at home with their parents.

Jessica Ziegler whined to Slate that Republican parents were angry at the deliberate targeting of their children as political weapons for Ossoff:

Last month Jessica Zeigler, a precinct captain for Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaign, realized that reaching millennial voters was almost impossible. Young voters are often registered at their parents’ address, and many of those parents are enraged when Democratic canvassers show up at their door.

“[The Republican parents] were the angriest people . . . When you are targeting their child, or heaven forbid their child might not think the same way as them, it becomes ugly.”

Based on these comments, it appears Ziegler is all about dividing families for petty political reasons. Take a look at Ossoff’s campaign and you can easily tell it’s a smokescreen created to simply piss off President Trump. It’s more petty “muh #Resist”-ing.

The Georgia special congressional election is a notable and important one in that folks on both sides of the aisle “view it as a litmus test for how the electorate will respond to the first months of the Trump presidency”, The Daily Caller’s Jack Crowe states.

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