Delusional Hillary Clinton Campaign Advisor Says ‘Trump is Not a Smart Man’ (VIDEO)

Former Clinton campaign advisor, Jess McIntosh said, “President Trump is not a very smart man” during her appearance on MSNBC Monday afternoon.

Jess McIntosh was an advisor to the worst campaign in modern American history yet she comes out and says Trump isn’t very smart. Hillary spent nearly double the money Trump did and had the entire mainstream media propping her up and SHE STILL LOST.

As soon as the delusional Hillary sycophant said that Trump isn’t a very smart man, it was quickly pointed out that he became President which made her stutter a little bit.

The Democrats have no message. In fact, they are so delusional that they even try to spin their losing as a victory. The Democrats’ strategy is to attack President Trump with no real solutions.

VIDEO via NTK Network:

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