Dallas City Council Angry They Can’t Just TAKE Man’s Land

In a recent video posted to YouTube, Dallas city councilperson (we don’t want to accidentally misgender anyone) Sandy Greyson can be seen ranting about how upset she (oops, we assumed its gender) is that the city can’t just claim eminent domain over a man’s land.

“This is an eminent domain case for a much needed water line” Greyson starts off. She continues with “And the Council is being asked today to go to settle this case with a man who has fought us for years and has cost Dallas taxpayers millions of dollars and intends to cost us millions more unless we settle with him by going around his property. Now other, ordinary people, regular people like you and I, who can’t afford to fight the city of Dallas over an eminent domain case for years and years, I mean, we end up getting our property taken. And sometimes it’s very necessary. We need water lines, we need roads, we need some of these public improvements. So I’m not blaming anyone that we’re settling this case today, I mean, I totally understand that we’re doing kind of what we have to do here, but it’s just INFURIATING that if you are rich enough you can hold the city hostage for years and then get what you want. There’s something really wrong with that. I’m so conflicted on this vote, didn’t want to make the motion, because while I so want to vote “NO” on this, neither do I want to continue to spend more money fighting with this guy, because in the end, we’re settling because he’ll probably win. But it is just infuriating. We have people come down here saying ‘please don’t take my property’, and because they’re just an ordinary person we take their property. But this guy’s rich enough to fight us for years and so he is gunna win. It’s just so maddening”

She then angrily shoves the microphone to the side.

Apparently she is so drunk on power, and so accustomed to just taking ordinary people’s property, she literally doesn’t know what to do when someone fights back.

But the important thing to remember is that the city is the entity that started this fight, not the property owner. They picked the fight and they lost, and now they have to pay the man’s legal fees, in addition to the money that they spent on their own city legal fees.


Sandy Greyson represents District 12, and can be reached at 214-670-4067 or [email protected] . Also, we can’t help but notice that there are very few pictures of her available online. Perhaps someone can attend one of the city council meetings with a DSLR and snap off a string of really bad shots of her.

(h/t Empower Texans)


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