Comparison: 70% of Trump’s 30 Million Twitter Followers are Real – 66% of Hillary’s 10 Million Are Real

The New York Daily News reported on Saturday from anonymous sources that GOP donor Robert Mercer is using’Twitterbots” to brainwash the masses in favor of Donald Trump.
They forgot to mention Russia in their hit piece.

President Trump uses Twitter to go over the liberal media and communicate directly with the American public.

This has been a major thorn in the side of liberals and elites for months. The media regularly scolds the president and his staff over use of his Twitter account. Trump regularly scores 60,000 retweets of his posts.

According to 70% of President Trump’s 30 million followers are real.


22.5 million followers are real!

Only 66% of Hillary Clinton’s 10 million Twitter followers are real.

10.6 million Hillary Clinton followers are real.

And Hillary Clinton’s followers are not as engaged as President Trump’s followers.
10 days before the November election Hillary Clinton struggled to gain a thousand retweets per post.

So it’s really no surprise why the liberal media is hitting President Trump over his Twitter account.
It works for him.

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