Who is Comey’s ‘Friend’ Who Leaked the Memo? Here He is on CNN Days Before the 2016 Election (VIDEO)

As TGP reported earlier, fired FBI Director James Comey told the Senate Intel Committee on Thursday that he asked a friend of his to leak to a memo he kept regarding his conversation with President Trump to the press.

Daniel C. Richman confirmed to the Washington Examiner that he was Comey’s friend at Columbia. He has been referred to in the New York Times as a “longtime confidant and friend of Mr. Comey’s,” and his bio at Columbia’s website lists him as an “adviser to FBI Director James B. Comey.”

VIDEO of Daniel Richman talking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about Hillary Clinton’s email investigation days before the 2016 Presidential election:


Comey said in his testimony that he decided to give the content of his Trump memo to his good friend to leak to the press after President Trump tweeted out about possible ‘takes’ of their conversations. Comey also said of leaking the memo, “I thought it might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.”


The day after, it was announced that Mueller would serve as special counsel.


President Trump’s lawyer also came out swinging after Comey’s hearing wrapped up. He pointed out that Comey lied during his public testimony on Thursday.

Video of Daniel Richman on CNN speaking with Anderson Cooper:

Below is the video of Comey saying he asked a friend of his to share the content of his Trump memo to reporters:

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