COMEY ADMITS DEM. CORRUPTION: AG Loretta Lynch Directed Comey To Address Crooked Hillary Emails As A “Matter” Not “Investigation” or “Probe”

In an explosive revelation, former FBI Director James Comey has admitted that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch attempted to suppress/reframe the investigation into former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server. AG Lynch purportedly directed Comey to immediately stop referring to the Hillary probe as an “investigation” or a “probe” and, instead, refer to it as a much more gentle “matter”.

This revelation was arrived at after Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina asked Comey why he felt it necessary to make the independent announcement concerning Hilary’s illegal private email server in July of last year.

Comey, who during this hearing has frequently admitted to being “confused” by various statements (sounds like he was GREAT as FBI director), once again stated that Lynch’s request “confused and concerned” him. He also said that it was that request that prompted him to make his independent statement concerning the Hilary probe in July of 2016. Comey stated that this move was to help “protect the credibility of the investigation.”

Comey went on to clarify during the hearing that the probe into Hilary was not just a “probe” or “investigation” but he reiterated that it was, in fact, a “criminal investigation”.


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