CNN Boss Jeff Zucker on His Way Out?

Jeff Zucker’s future with CNN is uncertain if the AT&T-Time Warner merger is approved, according to a report by the New York Post. 

Via The New York Post:

AT&T will look to “neutralize” CNN President Jeff Zucker after it buys Time Warner, The Post has learned.

The $85 billion acquisition of CNN parent Time Warner by AT&T could win antitrust approval by the Justice Department in the next 60 days, sources said.

“There was early talk about the way Zucker managed that wasn’t a good fit for the new organization,” one source said. “They were eyeing ways to neutralize him.”

That desire leaves Zucker facing an uncertain future that includes the possibility of getting unceremoniously dumped, one source said.

Other potential scenarios include AT&T kicking the 52-year-old executive upstairs with a corporate title that strips him of any power over CNN — or a sale of the network that would let AT&T wash its hands of any future messes.

Zucker could also cash out his significant holdings of Time Warner stock and walk away from the network filthy rich, media execs said.

AT&T, when asked Wednesday about Zucker’s future at CNN, seemed to dodge the question.

“We value all of Time Warner’s assets and strongly believe that the combination of our two companies will help ignite a new wave of innovation in media and entertainment,” Larry Solomon, SVP of corporate communications at AT&T, told The Post in a statement.

Of course, AT&T would have to wait until the deal closes to make any personnel moves.

Sean Hannity even tweeted about Jeff Zucker referring to him as Acosta’s ‘soon to be fired boss, Jeff Zucker’


As TGP previously reported, very fake news CNN was facing a $100 million lawsuit for a story they were forced to retract linking Trump’s transition team to a Russian investment fund.

CNN took a beating this week after James O’Keefe dropped undercover bombshell video of his ‘American Pravda’ series. O’Keefe says his goal is to expose the real motivation behind the decision making process in our dominant media corporation. The Russia story has dominated CNN. Since the inauguration, CNN has mentioned Russia on air nearly 16,000 times.

In part one of the series released late Monday night, CNN Producer John Bonifield admitted the Trump-Russia story is B.S. but they continue to push the false narrative for ‘ratings’.

Bonifield went on to say that the CEO of CNN, Jeff Zucker demanded that his news channel get back to the ratings winner that Russia is for CNN.

Part two is undercover video of one of CNN’s most prominent left-leaning political commentators, Van Jones admitting that the Russia story is a ‘Nothing Burger’.

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