CAUGHT: Jeremy Corbyn Calls Islamic Hate Preacher ‘Honored Citizen’ (VIDEO)

Rebranded Communist Jeremy Corbyn was caught on video lavishing praise upon a hate preacher and even inviting him to ‘tea on the terrace’ at Parliament.

Corbyn is directly tied to extremist Sheikh Raed Salah and called him an “honoured [sic] citizen” and invited him to tea in the House of Commons.

Salah is a prominent member of the Islamic Movement in Israel and was “excluded from the UK because of concerns over his ‘virulent anti-semitism’.” Salah slipped through border control at Heathrow in 2011 and gave a number of speeches before being arrested on the orders of the British Home Secretary.

In a video from 2012, British Labour favorite Jeremy Corbyn praises the Islamist preacher, the Daily Mail reports:


‘[Salah] is a very honoured citizen. He represents his people extremely well and his is a voice that must be heard… I hereby renew my invitation to Sheikh Salah to come to Parliament, meet with me, meet with my colleagues.

He will be assured of a very warm welcome. I look forward to giving you tea on the terrace because you deserve it.

Salah, who served two years in prison for raising millions of pounds for the Palestinian terror group Hamas and for having contact with an Iranian intelligence agent, has made a number of incendiary and extremist remarks on camera.

In a speech broadcast by Qatari Al-Jazeera in 2012, he said: ‘Very soon, Muhammad will be the most popular name in Europe.

‘I say to you who harbor hatred towards the Messenger of Allah that it will not be long before Allah grants us victory over you.’

Last year, Salah was filmed delivering a sermon in Nazareth in which he said, ‘Inshallah, Jerusalem will soon become the capital of a global caliphate.

‘The caliphate will spread justice throughout the land after it was filled with injustice by America, the Zionist enterprise, the Batiniyya, reactionism, Paganism and the Crusaders,’ he said.

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