Brookings Institution Pushes Liberal Trash While Being Funded by TAXPAYERS

The Brookings Institution, which owns just about half-a-billion dollars and deep connections to numerous left-wing political figures, is disseminating their leftist agenda while using taxpayer money.

Brookings alleges that its goal is to “conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing society at the local, national and global level” and they claim that they value the “independence of its scholars and prides itself on ‘open-minded’ inquiry”.

Public spending records (taken from tell us a different story in regards to the Brookings Institute. Founder of – “the world’s largest private repository of government spending – Adam Andrzejewski wrote in a recent Forbes article that Brookings “seems swayed by ‘open-wallet’ inquiry,” and he goes on to say, “In many cases, Brookings doesn’t resemble a think tank, but a jukebox – add a little coin and Brookings will play your tune, if the price is right.”

This behavior is condemnable. They don’t just spend the money given to them by private donors, they use your tax money to fund partisan advocacy projects and papers, Andrzejewski affirms:

“Since 2008, Brookings amassed nearly $20 million in contracts and grants from 50 agencies – including the Obama Administration’s Office of the President. Despite assets of $496 million (IRS990, FY2014), our audit shows it was not enough. Brookings instituted an aggressive strategy to pursue federal business over the past nine-years.

Under current federal law, none of this is illegal, but the question is whether it’s ethical to secretly coerce taxpayers into supporting partisan causes. Moreover, an organization loses all credibility to hold government accountable when the government becomes a donor.”

Brookings is abusing their power and is acting unethically and if you, as a taxpayer, feel passionate about this problem, speak up. It is your money being wasted for left-wing advocacy, it is your money and your livelihood that they don’t care about – this is apparent in their behavior.

Just look at some of the ways Brookings attempts to snatch taxpayer dollars for their own gain:

Take a look at just one of Brookings’ government contracts and review the contents (this contract is active through 2018). A 2014 New York Times expose illustrates some of the ways Brookings kicks backs to those it favors and also the fact that Brookings did not and refuse to disclose foreign government donations.

Read Andrzejewski’s full report here.


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