Breaking: Videographer JUMPED-ACCOSTED by Leftist Thugs at Trump Assassination Play — Police Tell Him, “We’re On Your Side”

The Shakespeare in the Park rendition of Julius Caesar will finish its run Sunday night in Central Park.

The play that celebrates the assassination of President Trump continued this weekend after after the shooting of GOP Rep. Scalise and GOP aides by a devout Bernie Sanders supporter last week on a Virginia baseball field.

This year’s play “Julius Caesar” depicts President Donald Trump’s assassination.

The New York Times and CNN’s parent company Time Warner are standing by their sponsorship of a play that depicts the brutal assassination of President Donald Trump, raising the question of whether the news reporting outlets should retain their credentials to cover and have access to President Trump. Delta Airlines and Bank of America have reportedly dropped their support for the play in the wake of public outrage over the play’s depiction of Trump’s assassination.

On Friday night the two conservative activists interrupted the play.

Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec interrupted the disgusting liberal Trump assassination fetish play.


Tonight is the final performance.

The performance did not go as planned.

Protesters disrupted the play tonight in Central Park.

The protesters was screaming, “Goebbels would be proud! …   Liberal Hate Kills!”

Here’s video from inside the venue:

A Second Protester Stormed the Stage Moments Ago—

The protester was screaming “Goebbels would be proud!… CNN IS ISIS!”

As the second protester was taken off stage the man filming the video got jumped by the crowd.
Evidently they were not happy that someone would film the protesters.

Our filmmaker screamed, “Liberal Hate kills!” as they dragged him from the theater!

Security was called in and dragged the videographer out of the Delacorte theater.

Police told him, “Dude we’re on your side but just keep it down.”

Our filmmaker told the police “Blue lives matter.” They embraced him.

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