BREAKING: Justice Anthony Kennedy May Soon Announce Retirement from SCOTUS (VIDEO)

Another big win could be heading President Trump’s way in the form of a second Supreme Court justice.

Rumors started circulating with Jack Posobiec breaking some of this speculation early. Today, however, the speculation heated up as MSM outlets caught up with Posobiec’s scoop.

Posobiec broke this story in a “scoop” tweet on June 16:

Now, the AP and CNN both report on Saturday that Justice Anthony Kennedy may be announcing his retirement as early as this term.


Justice Kennedy is one of the more conservative justices on the bench, but he is also known for breaking ties on key decisions and even votes liberally on occasion. For example, Justice Kennedy toed the liberal line when he supported the court’s 2015 decision for Obergefell v. Hodges, which effectively permitted same-sex marriage nationwide.

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