BOOM! Eric Trump Slams CNN’s Jim Acosta Over His Press Briefing Temper Tantrum

As TGP reported earlier, very fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta continued his temper tantrum on Wednesday after video was prohibited during the White House daily press briefing.

Acosta tweeted out a picture of Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the press room and with a caption, “Sarah Huckabee Sanders taking questions from reporters at WH briefing. Video of this has been banned by the USA.”

Eric Trump slammed Acosta after he tweeted out, “Does this feel like America? Where the White House takes q’s from conservatives, then openly trashes the news media in the briefing room.”


Eric Trump responded to Acosta’s temper tantrum by saying, “Does it feel like America where one of the networks (CNN) gives debate questions to their preferred candidate ahead of time?” OUCH!

Of course Eric Trump is referring to Donna Brazile giving the Hillary campaign the debate questions before the debate so she could prepare. Typical of CNN to lie and cheat.

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