Bill Clinton Praises UAE Dictatorship as ‘Face of Social Justice For Poor People Around the World’ (VIDEO)

Former President Bill Clinton praised the UAE at the 2017 InterAction Forum in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday as the ‘face of social justice for poor people around the world’ when they have taken in very few refugees and pay slave wages to domestic workers.

What else should we expect from Slick Willie? The Clinton Foundation is propped up by the UAE and other Mid-East money, so of course he’s going to sing their praises.

“I applaud the countries that have maintained their commitments.”

“I want to recognize especially Ambassador [Yousef] Al Otaiba from the UAE. They are now the number-one ranked country in the world in percentage of their GDP that goes to assistance.”

Bill Clinton then praised the ambassador of the UAE as the “benign face of social justice for poor people around the world.”

“You wear (the face) well,” he then said to Al Otaiba.

NTK Network also pointed out that according to Human Rights Watch, the Emirati government has “forcibly disappeared” activists and arrested journalists critical of the government. “Arbitrary detention and imprisonment” are common, and the status of women’s rights is abysmal.

Despite the UAE’s supposed reforms, exploitation, and abuse of migrant workers run rampant in the Gulf nation.

UAE laws and policies leave migrant domestic workers exposed to abuse and exploitation. The labor law explicitly excludes domestic workers from its protections, and their employment is instead governed by a standard contract that provides far weaker rights than the labor law.

The Clinton Foundation donor page reveals that the Clinton’s have received between $1,000,001 and $5,000,000 from the UAE.

Video via NTK Network: