Bernie Supporters Suing DNC Receive Death Threats: May “Wash Up Dead on the Shore”

Guest post by Ryan at American Lookout:

The attorney representing Bernie Sanders supporters in their lawsuit against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz claims that they are receiving death threats…
Beck’s Facebook post:

Our co-counsel Cullin O’Brien now getting anonymous callers, talking about Cullin’s family and how federal prosecutor #BerantonWhisenant washed up dead on Hollywood Beach, same county as Cullin.

We are sitting ducks.

Beck responded to another a comment on her post:


There’s a lot of crazy ppl out there, you think we’re a target for only “real assassins”? There’s imagery of Trump getting beheaded being put out by the media, the same media which is calling us conspiracy theorists and the lawsuit meritless. Petes sakes…

Hat Tip Greg

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