Battle For The Republican Party: Pro-Trump Georgia Governor Candidate Smacks Down “Disingenuous” GOP Opponent

Georgia State Senator Michael Williams, the first state elected official in Georgia to endorse Donald Trump, is now running for Governor of Georgia.

Taking a page out of President Trump’s playbook, Senator Williams took to Twitter to blast his “disingenuous” GOP opponent Hunter Hill.

The Atlanta-Journal Consitution reported

Williams said that it’s ‘wrong for a candidate to prey on loyal Trump supporters for their votes based on false pretenses.’ And he said he’d make the same case against two other Republicans in the race: Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp.”

Williams came out in support of Trump during the 2016 election, saying “What I really did like is he’s been consistent for 30 years about how America loses time and time again.”

On Twitter, Williams has been an ardent supporter of President Trump, calling for punishment of the “leakers” in the federal government.

Senator Williams’s platform includes “reducing the size and scope of government, improving the state’s economy and ensuring our local communities control our children’s education.” During his time in the Geogia legislature, Williams voted to authorize the concealed carry of firearms at institutions of higher learning.

The current governor of Georgia, Republican Nathan Deal, has reached the end of his term limit and can not run for re-election – leaving a free-for-all fight in the Republican party to replace him.

As popular author and independent journalist Mike Cernovich has often tweeted, 2018 will be a battleground year for the rising nationalist movement and pro-Trump forces in the Republican Party.

With the Democratic party reeling from a string of election losses, the biggest fight in 2018 looks to be in the GOP primaries between old establishment candidates and the populist base of President Trump.


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