Barack Obama – The Man Who Nurtured the Black Lives Matter Terrorist Movement – Lectures Trump on ‘Us-vs-Them’ Politics

Barack Obama – the man who helped create and nurture the Black Lives Matter terrorist movement – lectured President Trump from Canada on the politics of us-versus-them.

Barack Obama nurtured and elevated the Black Lives Matter movement in America.

The group later rioted and burned down Ferguson, Missouri, TWICE, and Baltimore, Maryland one time.

The terror group is also linked to several police shootings across America from New York City to Dallas, Texas.

Five police officers were shot dead by a Black Lives Matter sympathizer during a Black Lives Matter march in Dallas in July, 2016.


On Tuesday Obama lectured President Trump on nationalism and the dangers of us-versus-them politics.

Most presidents refrain from criticizing their successor after leaving office.
But NOT Barack Obama.

Via The Daily Mail:

Former U.S. president Barack Obama delivered an extended, vicious coded critique of his successor Donald Trump on Tuesday in Canada, speaking to an audience of 6,000 fans at an event hosted by the Montreal Board of Trade.

He bashed the rise of ‘extreme nationalism and xenophobia and the politics of “us-versus-them”,’ a clear slap at Trump in the preferred language of American liberals.

‘In times of disruption we may go backward instead of forward,’ he warned. ‘We’re going to have to replace fear with hope.’

Obama drew laughter with a thinly veiled kick at the Trump administration’s famous embrace of ‘alternative facts,’ saying that America in the less than 20 weeks since he left office has suddenly devolved into a place ‘where we don’t just have disagreements based on our opinions, but now people are just disagreeing on facts.’

‘And we’re in an environment where we are only accepting information that fits our opinions, instead of basing our opinions on the facts that we receive. And evidence and reason and logic.

Barack Obama was the worst economic president since World War II.
His foreign policy left the Middle East in tatters.

But that won’t stop Barack Obama from criticizing President Donald Trump.

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