Associate Dean at SDSU Calls GOP ‘Extremist Terrorist Organization’ On Facebook

An Associate Dean at SDSU called the Republican Party an “extremist terrorist organization” on Facebook recently.

Patrick McCarthy, who serves as the Associate Dean of Library and Information Access, made the remark in the comment section of a post by a friend wherein a Newsweek article claimed that the “Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS”.

Campus Reform writes:

“The Republican Party has become an extremist terrorist organization,” McCarthy asserted, eliciting a rhetorical nod of agreement from another user, who commented that Republicans “would rather save themselves than our country.”

Another user, however, questioned whether McCarthy’s statement is indicative of the opinions he presents in his classes, and suggested that conservative students should be keeping a close on his public remarks.

“You’re an associate dean at SDSU? I hope your CR chapter is watching your statements and actions closely,” the commenter wrote. “If your [sic] making outrageous statements like this in public I can only imagine what you are saying and doing behind the scenes.”

When McCarthy was challenged on his statement, he only pressed further on the direction he had intended, rebutting, “College Republicans and the Republican Party of the United States are separate organizations.”

Campus Reform:

Upon discovering the exchange, SDSU College Republicans President Brandon Jones issued a statement rebuking McCarthy for his comments and demanding that he apologize for defaming conservative students.

“SDSU College Republicans strongly condemn the comments made by SDSU Associate Dean Patrick McCarthy comparing the right-wing conservatives in America to a known terrorist organization (ISIS) who [sic] has killed hundreds, if not thousands of people across the world,” Jones began. “This is intellectually dishonest, especially from an Associate Dean at an institution of higher education. Statements like these inaccurately paint a picture of College Republicans at San Diego State and across the nation.”

McCarthy has since taken his Facebook page down. What a coward!

You can read the full report here.


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