Wow! Liberal Student Freaks Out – Screams for Over 2 Minutes Straight After Seeing Trump Sign on Campus (VIDEO)

If this is the future of America we are in serious trouble…

A liberal student freaked out after seeing a Trump sign on campus.
She was screaming for two straight minutes.

This is a feminist’s idea of dialogue.

Via Campus Reform“>Campus Reform:


Campus Reform reported:

A shocking new video shows a Western Washington University student screaming for at least two-minutes straight after seeing a Donald Trump sign on campus.

According to a video of the incident obtained by Campus Reform, an unknown student reacted to a street preacher’s pro-Trump sign by spiraling into a two-minute fit, at some points even splattering paint on the ground in an apparent attempt at artistic protest.

At certain points throughout the video, passers-by stop to ask the woman if she’s alright, to which she seems to indicate that she’s screaming as a form of protest.

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