WATCH: President Trump Becomes First Sitting US President to Visit Western Wall

Israel – President Trump became the first sitting U.S. President to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which is the holiest site wherein Jews pray.

Following a beautiful procession to approach the wall, the President rested his hand against it and reflected silently before placing a note inside. The President wore a kippah, a skullcap donned by observant Jews. The President arrived in Israel just this morning.

The Hill reports:

“[President Trump’s] visit to the wall was preceded by great controversy, stirred when a U.S. official told Israeli authorities during planning that the holy site is “part of the West Bank,” and not Israeli territory.

The comment, as well as the Trump administration’s subsequent refusal to say the wall is a part of Israel, angered Israeli officials.

“The wall is part of Jerusalem,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Monday when asked about the subject.

The comment reopened an old debate over the status of Jerusalem, the thorniest issue in the long-stalled Israel-Palestinian peace process.”

You can watch a video of the President at the wall below:


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