WATCH=> Donald Trump Jr. DESTROYS Protester at Rally for Greg Gianforte in Montana (VIDEO)

A chip off the old block!

Donald Trump Jr. attended a rally for Greg Gianforte at the Kleffner Ranch in East Helena, Montana on Thursday morning.

During the rally a leftist protester started heckling Don Jr. about his father’s tax returns. (That’s what the left has been reduced to these days!)

The crowd started booing before Donald Trump Jr. DESTROYED him!


Protester: What about your dad’s taxes? I want to see his taxes!

Donald Jr.: Oh, I don’t know. I think Rachel Maddow released something that showed he made $150 million bucks and paid $45 million in taxes. I think the ones that were released showed he paid a much higher percentage in tax than Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama. And made a lot of money in the process. So guess what? You can do it all! You can be successful. You can pay your taxes. And I think that’s what he did. So I really appreciate it. Thank you for the intro to that because I wouldn’t have gone there. (Massive Applause)

The crowd LOVED IT!

No one handles a heckler better than a Trump!

Via KFBB: News, Sports and Weather

For the record– Greg Gianforte leads his Democratic rival by 15 points in the Montana special election race.

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