Washingtonian Smears The Gateway Pundit – Defends Creepy Joe Biden Groping Kids

The Washingtonian published a cartoon this month aimed at a few leaders of the alt-right.
The cartoon included attacks on Andrew Skatell, the founder of the Independent Journal Review, Andrew Feinberg formerly of Sputnik News, Julius Krein from American Affairs, Alex Jones from Infowars, Joe Scarborough from MSNBC(?), Tomi Lahren formerly from The Blaze, Robert Costa, Maggie Habermn and Jim Hoft and Lucian Wintrich from The Gateway Pundit.

The Washingtonian says of The Gateway Pundit:

“Jim Hoft – founder of The Gateway Pundit
Hoft has used his 13 year-old blog to try to tie the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich to the Clintons and to falsely accuse Joe Biden of groping little girls. Now his writer Lucian Wintrich has joined the White House press corps and been profiled by the New Yorker. Hoft has been clear about Wintrich’s job in Washington: “He’s there to troll.”

It’s unfathomable that the Washingtonian would defend this disgusting behavior by the former vice president.
Anyone who believes his unwanted touching of children and women is acceptable needs serious counseling.


This is beyond creepy.

The Washingtonian apparently believes this is acceptable behavior.

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