Video=>CNN Host Kate Bolduan Berates Carl Higbie for Questioning Anonymous Sources in Trump Hit Pieces

CNN host Kate Bolduan went off on Trump supporter Carl Higbie, who is a former Navy SEAL, for questioning the use of anonymous sources to attack Trump over Russia in a segment on CNN International’ State of America program that aired Tuesday afternoon. Bolduan waved her arms and tried to shout down Higbie, saying, “You cannot attack the stellar reporters of CNN,” while liberal co-panelist Keith Boykin rolled his eyes.

Others on the panel were Jim Geraghty and Kirsten Powers. Powers mocked Higbie over Watergate, saying anonymous sources made Watergate, neglecting the televised Senate hearings where real people testified openly on national television about what they knew–hearings that captivated the nation.

Video of Boykin rolling his eyes at Higbie was posted to Twitter by Bolduan’s producer Jason Morrell with the caption, “Who rolled them better? Anderson or Keith?”


CNN also posted the fiery exchange between Higbie and Bolduan to Twitter. Boykin followed his eye rolling with condescending comments to Higbie, saying, “Carl, you’re embarrassing yourself, your party and your country. You should not be doing this. You’re a better person than this. I’m ashamed for you.”

Bolduan going off on Higbie was first reported by Tucker Carlson Tuesday night.

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