UNHINGED! MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Shouts Down Guest, Won’t Allow Him to Say ‘Hillary Clinton’ (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle came unhinged after her guest brought up Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russia. She allowed her two other guests to gang up on him as well, interrupting him so he wouldn’t be able to finish a sentence.

Stephanie Ruhle: “To simply just be able to say Mike Flynn was just a bad hire, the president continues to never say anything bad against Vladimir Putin, how can those two facts exist at the same time?”

Ned Ryan: “Oh my gosh–Hillary Clinton–”


At this point, Stephanie Ruhle rudely interrupted him and started to shout him down..

Ruhle: “Hold on–Hillary Clinton did not win the election! Donald Trump did.”

Ned Ryan held his own as he continued to talk about Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Russians which only angered all three mentally ill liberals on the panel even more.

Ned Ryan: “What I’m saying is that evidence of any collusion in 2016 and before between Russia and any entity, we actually have proof that there were deals struck, money into the hands of the Clinton Foundation…and now we’re spinning up all these tales that I don’t think there will be proof for and there will ever be proof for.”

What on earth is Stephanie Ruhle talking about? So President Trump has to say something bad about Vladimir Putin otherwise that means he colluded with the Russians? Why? Folks, the left has fallen so far into the abyss of Trump Derangement Syndrome that it has become an international embarrassment. Just look how angry they get over the Trump-Russia hoax not coming to fruition.

There is ZERO evidence of any collusion between the Trump camp and the Russians and these liberals are throwing tantrums like children.

VIDEO via The Daily Caller:


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