Tucker Carlson: ‘If You Think the FBI Has Been Corrupted by Trump During His 4 Months in Office, Seek Help’ (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson started out with a fiery monologue tonight as he addressed the media hysteria over Comey’s firing. 

Tucker Carlson: “Democrats want to make sure that any Russia investigation remains above politics. Now would allowing sitting members of Congress to appoint an investigator, make the process more, or less political?

Come on. Dumb question. And by the way, who would investigate it? Can you think of a single person who would be acceptable to both sides in Washington in this political environment? No way!

A so-called independent investigation would not restore public trust in the government…

…But happily we don’t need another investigation. We already have one. It’s being run by the FBI and despite Jim Comey’s well-deserved firing, still exists and it’s still considered the most professional investigative body in the world. Meaning more so now that Comey has gone.

Unless you think the entire FBI has been corrupted by Donald Trump during his four months in office, then please seek professional help or switch to MSNBC.”

The FBI is still investigating the Russia hoax despite several months of zero evidence that Trump and his team colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election. The mass hysteria and hypocrisy from the left over Comey’s firing is both entertaining to watch yet frightening. The left is clearly on a witch hunt to take down the Trump administration instead of accepting defeat and working on regrouping their party.

Do you hear this, liberals? Comey’s firing didn’t end your delusional Trump-Russia hoax of an investigation.



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