Tucker Carlson Rips Mexican Town Angry About Illegal Immigrants Bringing Crime to Their Streets (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson ripped into a Mexican town that is complaining about – of all things – illegal immigrants who refuse to behave appropriately. Sounds vaguely familiar . . .

Tucker Carlson spoke about how the Mexican town, Tapachula, is suffering from an array of problems related to illegal immigrants, including public defecation.

Tucker Carlson: “Citizens in the southern Mexican city of Tapachula are complaining that illegal aliens from Central America are wrecking their town. In addition to familiar problems like gangs and violent crime, the people of Tapachula are reporting incidences of sexual aggression and migrants defecating in public.

Some residents say the danger is so great to them, they’re afraid to leave their homes. The problem is bigger now than it has been because more migrants are choosing to end their journey in Mexico, rather than travel all the way to the U.S. where the Trump administration seems more likely to catch and deport them.

Well, now that illegal aliens are staying in their country, Mexicans are discovering there is a downside to open borders.

What the Mexicans may be lacking is the restless sensitivity training most of us get in school, and from the media, and the Democratic party. Once they learn that their complaints are not legitimate but instead manifestations of systemic racism and white privilege, they’ll stop whining and learn to appreciate people sneaking into their countries and using the streets as a latrine . . .”


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