Trey Gowdy Drops the Hammer: ‘We’ll Subpoena Susan Rice If We Have To’ (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice declined the Senate request to testify on the ‘Russian interference’ of the 2016 election. Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Thursday morning that ‘we’ll subpoena Susan Rice if we have to’.

Trey Gowdy: “There are other ways to invite people other than via a letter. There are things called subpoenas. You shouldn’t have to use them with a former national security advisor, but if you do, you do.”

“Rice is a “very important witness.”

“Members of congress don’t pick the witnesses, lawyers don’t pick witnesses…facts pick the witnesses.”

Trey Gowdy also took a shot at Hillary Clinton over the notion that Comey was somehow responsible for the outcome of the election…

“I don’t think he [Comey] told Secretary Clinton to have her own server. I don’t think he told her to give disingenuous answers to questions throughout the campaign. I don’t think he told Anthony Weiner to communicate via text with underage girls.”

“Secretary Clinton, at some point, ought to do a little self reflection.”

VIDEO via The Daily Caller:


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