TRAITOR: FBI Employee Marries Top ISIS Terrorist She Was Investigating – Now Walks Free

FBI translator Daniela Greene was assigned to investigate German rapper and ISIS terrorist  “Deso Dogg.”

So she traveled to Syria and married him.

Daniela Greene is the name of the FBI translator turned traitor. She lied to the Bureau regarding where she was and went so far as to warn her new husband, Denis Cuspert (who rapped under the pseudonym “Deso Dogg”) that he was being investigated.

Cuspert has been featured in various Islamic State videos in both Iraq and Syria wherein he is holding up severed human heads. Greene quickly realized that she had screwed the pooch weeks after marrying Cuspert and so she ran back to the U.S.

She was arrested and is currently cooperating with authorities regarding her situation.


The Hill reports:

Prosecutors describe her actions as deserving of “severe punishment,” but she was sentenced to just two years in prison. According to an analysis by Fordham University, Americans who are prosecuted for ISIS-related cases received on average 13.5 years in prison.

The FBI says it responded to Greene’s actions by taking “several steps in a variety of areas to identify and reduce security vulnerabilities.”

Shawn Moore, Greene’s attorney, claims his client is “genuinely remorseful” and that “she was just a well-meaning person that got up in something way over her head.”

This does NOT excuse her traitorous behavior. As innocent individuals around the world fall victim to Islam, this traitorous criminal should not be cut any slack because she is remorseful. This is a disgusting and heartbreaking betrayal.

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