Trainwreck Angela Merkel: Germany Can Not Depend on Donald Trump

Trainwreck Angela Merkel told reporters after the G7 meetings Germany can no longer depend on Donald Trump.

Guess she will have to destroy Europe and Germany all by her lonesome.

Business Insider reported:


German chancellor Angela Merkel distanced herself from the US and the UK during a campaign event in Munich on Sunday.

“The times in which [Germany] could fully rely on others are partly over. I have experienced this in the last few days,” Merkel said during the event. “We Europeans really have to take our destiny into our own hands.”

Though she did not mention them by name, Merkel was most likely referring to the fractured relationship Germany now shares with the US, as well as with the UK post-Brexit.

Merkel’s comments came on the heels of what she called a “difficult” and “unsatisfactory” G7 summit. The summit included leaders of the US, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, and Italy, and Merkel characterized the discussions as “six against one.”

More… Mathieu von Rohr has the video — and a different take on her statements.

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