TGP Review: ‘Get Me Roger Stone’: The Best Parts Are When Roger Is Talking

Put two liberals in charge of making a documentary about one of the most titanic and maverick right-wing figures and what you get is bitter, disillusioned journalists ripping the namesake of the documentary in between moments of glorious, superabundant truths from the man himself – Roger Stone.

“Get Me Roger Stone” is a worthwhile watch. At once controversial and indescribably necessary, Roger J. Stone, Jr., has eclipsed the title of “Prince of Darkness” and is now the “King of Darkness”. His reputation proceeds him and his history is colorful and pedantic, and the same adjectives can be used to describe his bountiful wardrobe. There is something so charming and jocular about Stone that you cannot help but loathe the moments when he is not speaking, or not on screen.

The filmmakers themselves are irrelevant and some of the moments and editing they present are hackneyed and unoriginal, but the character they present to you in Roger Stone is so far beyond hackneyed and unoriginal that it makes up for all of the artistic shortcomings that the creators of the film commit to. Replete with Roger Stone’s famous “Stone’s Rules”, this documentary will not disappoint – the artistic direction might, but the subject of the film will not.

The opening moments of the picture are powerful. Half of the power comes from Stone’s stoic and yet combustable body language. He is exploding inside with a joy that is nearly childish but at the same time his exterior is calm and focused, he is a witness to eternal history and the other half of the power: Donald Trump.


Early on in the film, President Trump comments on Roger Stone’s political background, stating the following:

“Roger has a great understanding of the media, he understands politics, and he understands politicians and he always likes to take on somebody that at least has a good chance of winning, and sometimes it doesn’t work out, he’s had some people that I said ‘what are you doing with these people?’, you know, but he loves it, and he loves the game, he has fun with it, and he’s very good at it.”

Throughout the picture, the leftist journalists (save for Tucker Carlson who happened to land one of the most quotable moments) attempt to smear Stone’s reputation, or at least preach as if they understand even a sliver of what he is about, and the entire time Stone proves them to be foolish and ignorant as to what and who he is.

“Roger Stone knows how to do the triple-bank-shot,” Stone protégé Michael R. Caputo comments, “the one that nobody else can do and it ends up changing the face of a campaign, changing the whole tenor of a debate, shifting the entire paradigm. People today say that they like doing dirty tricks – they’re pikers compared to Roger. Roger has raised it to an absolute art form.”

At the heart of this documentary is a man who has been everywhere in American history since Richard Nixon. He appears to be a snake, but he is only a snake to those who are snakier, if you will. Roger Stone is shot down as a villain for promoting the values and beliefs of the white, working, middle-class; he is shot down as a villain for undermining campaigns of terrible potential leaders; he is shot down as a villain for promoting President Trump.

The same clowns who bash President Trump just so happen to bash Roger Stone. The same clowns Roger Stone has been fighting against his entire career are the reason why the U.S. public voted for Donald Trump. The key to Stone is that he is not a leader, he is something much more unique and much more necessary than a leader – he is a salesman of ideas and concepts, and he pitches these ideas in a way that shows you the necessity of them.

A very telling and important moment in the picture comes right after a wonderful “Stone’s Rule”:

“Nothing is on the level.”

Stone says: “Sometimes you confuse me with a Stephen Colbert character that I sometimes play called ‘Roger Stone’. Don’t confuse him with the real ‘Roger Stone’.”

The filmmakers then ask: “What’s the difference?”

Roger coyly responds: “You’ll have to sort that out.

Roger J. Stone Jr. is an American patriot of the highest degree.

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