TGP Exclusive: Racist Far Left Teacher Invites Violent Militant Group to School to Recruit Students (VIDEO)

On May 8, 2017, a teacher named Livier Perez invited BAMN, an organization known for promoting and acting upon violence, to speak to and recruit 10th-grade high school students.

BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) is known for specifically targeting young students and children so that they can begin their brainwashing at an early age. Across California, and the country, teachers like Livier Perez exist and function freely and are protected by the institutions they prop up. High schools, middle schools, and elementary schools across the country are filled with anti-American, anti-liberty individuals just like Livier Perez.

This specific teacher pushes her propaganda at Oakland Technical High School. Oakland, like much of California, is filled with educational institutions where leftist drivel is being fed to students. They promote lies about American history and lies about American policy.

In this particular video, which you can watch below, Livier Perez’s guests from BAMN lie blatantly and openly about President Trump’s deportation laws and also attempt to smear him and make him out to be a racist. They are actively brainwashing students into hating and fearing their President.

Below is a copy of the fliers handed out:

Livier Perez’s failure as a teacher goes far beyond simply inviting BAMN to speak. She sent a message out to all of her students after receiving negative emails after her name floated around Twitter for being a propagandist. Apparently, Perez forced students to watch a video about “white guilt”, hence why she’s been called a racist.

Her first message reads:

“Perez World Lit: I received two emails accusing me of being a racist. The IT department will track down the IP addresses and reveal the identities.”

She followed up her first message with this second message:

“Perez World Lit: If you are involved or know who is involved I recommend you come clean now before the consequences become more severe.”

You can view the message sequence below:

An anonymous source, a student from the school, has confirmed with TGP that one of the students (a white male) was suspended as a result of this because Livier Perez decided to accuse him. This is the reason we are calling her a racist. She went after the white, male student and made sure he would be monitored in the future.

Livier Perez also told students something along the lines of “administration is taking care of him. His future teachers will know of him and he will be watched”, which sounds a lot like targeted harassment.

The day after being accused of being a racist, the young white boy she would go on to blame walked into her class and she yelled at him: “No! GET OUT!” in front of the entire classroom. The student had no clue why. The day after she sent the text messages, she ranted in class with the key point of her rant being: “How can a woman of color be racist?”

Another thing to note, and our anonymous source confirms, Livier Perez has worked so hard to indoctrinate her students that the young man who spoke up at the end of the video gets ridiculed and made-fun-of quite a bit because the students have learned to hate non-leftists and his stance on life is non-leftist.

Our anonymous source commented:

“I’m sad that they are trying to teach us what to think. They don’t give us other perspectives, they just shove this type of leftist propaganda down our throats. I wish I had the courage to say something, but because [Livier Perez] is so aggressive, I know if I share my opinions I will be blackballed. I don’t feel comfortable speaking up.”

Another little thing to keep in mind: Livier Perez took the day off on May Day, the Communist “holiday”, to protest with her comrades.

If you feel that the school should be held accountable for this type of behavior, then go ahead and give them a call: (510) 450-5400.

For more information on BAMN, watch the following two videos:


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