Sweden: 48 of 50 ‘Child’ Migrants from Morocco Found to be Adults

48 of 50 Moroccan child immigrants in Sweden were recently found to be adult men.

Fingerprint analysis was used to check the age of the migrants.
Fria Tider reported (translated) via Religion of Peace:

Almost all so-called unaccompanied children from Morocco who are controlled by the Swedish police are lying about their age and identity, Svenska Dagbladet reports.

SvD has taken part in a PM that was sent in May from the border police to the Ministry of Justice. The document shows that out of a total of 77 people expelled and Morocco agreed to withdraw, 65 were used as a false identity when they applied for asylum in Sweden.

The discovery was made when fingerprints were checked against the authorities in the Arab country concerned.

It was also found that most of the alleged children were in fact adult men.

“Of the 50 who stated at the time of the asylum application that they were minors, they were actually only two minors,” says Patrik Engström, MP, in the PM, according to SvD.

In April several Ethiopian ‘child’ migrants in France admitted to being adults.

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