VIDEO=> Starving Venezuelans RIP DOWN Statue to Socialist Tyrant Hugo Chavez

Starving Venezuelans tore down a statue to Socialist leader Hugo Chavez on Saturday.
They tore it down and dragged it through the street.

The average weight loss in the latest failed Socialist state is 19 pounds.

The people are starving as the Socialist state suffers a complete economic collapse.

Here’s another video of the people tearing down a Chavez statue.

The AP reported:

Women banged on pans and some stripped off their white shirts Saturday as they protested Venezuela’s socialist government in an event the opposition billed as a “women’s march against repression.” As they marched, local media carried a video showing people toppling a statue of the late President Hugo Chavez the day before in the western state of Zulia.

Thousands of women took over streets in major cities all around the South American country. Wearing the white shirts of the opponents of country’s increasingly embattled government, the women sang the national anthem and chanted, “Who are we? Venezuela! What do we want? Freedom!”

Some sported makeshift gear to protect against tear gas and rubber bullets. Others marched topless. One woman came in her wedding dress.

As they have near-daily for five weeks, police in riot gear again took control of major roads in the capital city. Clashes between police and protesters have left some three dozen dead in the past month.

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