SHOCK VIDEO=>Reporter Shows How Easy it is to Cross Southern Border, Crosses Many Times in Under a Minute!

Freelance reporter, Joe ‘Rambo’ Biggs and David Rodriguez of Borderland Alternative Media documented just how easy it is to cross the southern border. Biggs and Rodriguez were able to cross the border between Anapara, Mexico and Sunland Park, New Mexico, U.S. many times in under a minute!

Mr. President, BUILD THE WALL!

Screenshot of Rodriguez walking back into the U.S. side with a Mexican national.


Rodriguez on the Mexican side.

There’s Mexico! There’s no wall!

Biggs and Rodriguez walked right up to the border with Mexico. Rodriguez waltzed right over the border and pointed out that there is no border patrol around.

Biggs explained that there is a wall and some fencing in some areas, however; there are large gaps where there is no physical border wall whatsoever. At one point Mexican nationals even crossed over a line on the ground and onto the U.S. side to make a point, laughing and saying in Spanish, ‘muy facil’ (very easy).

This is just one of the many areas on the southern border that is compromised. Shame on our leaders who have neglected their most basic duty which is to protect the American citizens.

VIDEO via SSG Joe Biggs, Borderland Alternative Media: (LANGUAGE WARNING)


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