SHOCK: California May End Ban on COMMIES In Government Jobs

Just as tensions rise in the U.S. in regards to Communism, Commiefornia, as California is colloquially known now, has passed a bill today that makes being a Communist no longer a fire-able offense for government employees.

The bill is now heading to the State Senate.

As California Assemblyman Travis Allen commented, “This bill is blatantly offensive to all Californians . . . Communism stands for everything that the United States stands against.” This is the honest truth.

The bill barely was approved and is now heading to the state Senate. Employees will still be able to be fired if they are members of organizations “they know advocate for overthrowing the government by force or violence,” the AP reports. What very rarely isn’t brought up is the fact that Communism existing as a political ideology in America is counter-intuitive to our progress, and ideologically it can overthrow the government – it inspires violence. Look at Antifa.


From the AP report:

Being a communist would no longer be a fireable offense for California government employees under a bill passed Monday by the state Assembly.

Lawmakers narrowly approved the bill to repeal part of a law enacted during the Red Scare of the 1940s and ’50s when fear that communists were trying to infiltrate and overthrow the U.S. government was rampant. The bill now goes to the Senate.

It would eliminate part of the law that allows public employees to be fired for being a member of the Communist Party.

Employees could still be fired for being members of organizations they know advocate for overthrowing the government by force or violence.

Assemblyman Randy Voepel, a Southern California Republican who fought in the Vietnam War, said communists in North Korea and China are “still a threat.”

We should be living in a time that is beyond Communism but instead we continue to let the seeds of a terrible, violent ideology grow.

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