School Board Asks Public for Suggestions on Renaming School – “Trump Elementary” wins Contest – So Board Renames School “Russel Lee”

Thanks for participating – We’ll do what the hell we want.

The Austin ISD board asked the public for suggestions on renaming the “Robert E. Lee Elementary School” because Robert E. Lee was a Confederate general and liberals want to wipe away the history of the south.

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Several suggestions were submitted including Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance and Schoolie McSchoolface.

And the Donald J. Trump suggestion received the most online votes.

KXAN reported:

The recommendations for the future name of Robert E. Lee Elementary in Austin were released, Friday.

On March 28, the Austin ISD board voted to rename the school, after hearing feedback from the community and school parents. While the board asked for recommendations, they will have final say on the name, regardless of number of nominations.

Security has been increased at the school as a precaution.

Top 10 renaming recommendations — sorted by most nominated:

** Donald J. Trump Elementary: 45 nominations
** Robert E. Lee Elementary: 34 nominations
** Russell Lee Elementary: 32 nominations
** Harper Lee Elementary: 30 nominations
** Elisabet Ney Elementary: 15 nominations
** Lee Elementary: 13 nominations
** Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance: 8 nominations
** Waller Creek Elementary: 8 nominations
** Dr. Frances J. Nesmith Elementary School: 7 nominations
** Guy Bizzell Elementary: 6 nominations

Some of the more notable, but less voted names include:

Adam Lanza’s School of Fun, Bee Movie, Bleeding Heart Liberal Elementary, Boaty McBoatface Elementary School, Forgetting the Past Dooms You to Repeat It Elementary, Garfunkel, Hypothetical Perfect Person Memorial Elementary School, John Cena Elementary and Schooly McSchoolerson.

From these recommendations the school came up with these three finalists:

Russell Lee – a photographer
Bettie Mann – African American teacher at Lee Elementary
Wheeler’s Grove – the site of Austin’s first Juneteenth celebrations

And they chose Russell Lee for the school.

Because they didn’t have the stomach to name the school after President Trump.

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