Satan Created a Crap Sandwich and Called it Obamacare – Today this Evil Law Was Finally Repealed

Satan created a crap sandwich and called it Obamacare

After 7 Years of Pain, Suffering and Lies the Evil Obamacare Law Is Finally Repealed

This disastrous law was built on a bed of lies.

Barack Obama promised Americans Obamacare would reduce insurance premiums by $2,500 per family per year
Obama made this claim at least 22 times:

It was a lie.

As Obama was pushing the tremendously unpopular legislation now known as ‘Obamacare’, at least 37 different times he promised that – If you like your insurance plan you can keep your insurance plan. Even the liberal media could not ignore it.


This was lie of the year in 2013.

Obama promised at least 12 times that Obamacare would not cover abortions.
This was another lie.

Top Obamacare consultant Jonathan Gruber famously bragged about how the law was written to fool stupid and gullible Americans.

Obama lied and told a group of female supporters that Obamacare represented “largest health health care tax cut to working Americans in history.”

Taxpayers shelled out $634 million their failed Obamacare website that can’t hold the traffic load of a major blog.

The Obama administration took Catholic poverty nuns to court to pay for abortion drugs in Obamacare.
And Satan cheered.

Premiums increased an average of 22% this year.

Here are the average increase in premiums in battleground states for 2017.

Ohio: 13.12% increase
Florida: 17.40% increase
Pennsylvania: 32.5% increase
Nevada: 11.74% increase
Maine: 21.24% increase
New Hampshire: 12.44% increase
Virginia: 21.68% increase
North Carolina: 24.30% increase
Iowa: 20.46% increase
Michigan: 16.06% increase
Wisconsin: 20.39% increase

Today Republicans repealed the evil Obamacare law.
Today the good guys won.
Today truth won.

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