RUSSIA HOAX FAIL=>Trey Gowdy Makes a Fool of Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan (VIDEO)

TGP reported earlier that former CIA Director, John Brennan testified before the House today about the 2016 election interference.

When Dem. Rep. Adam Schiff asked Brennan if Trump or his aides pressured the Intelligence Community to drop the Flynn investigation, he said a clear and concise, ‘No, sir”.

Then, Trey Gowdy asked Brennan specifically, “Did you have evidence of a connection between the Trump campaign and Russian state actors?”

Brennan responded saying, “As I said, Mr. Gowdy, I don’t do evidence.”

Brennan insisted that the Russians did interfere with the 2016 election, however; he says it’s something that the Russians have done dating back to the 1960’s and doesn’t think it was worse this time around or if the CIA just has better tools now to pick up on election interference.

Zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. Poor poor media and liberals. The Trump-Russia hoax is blowing up so they will be forced to move onto the next ‘scandal’ and shift the blame to a new conspiracy theory.




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