Roger Stone: POTUS Should Revoke the ‘Credentials of CNN’, ’Press Credentials Are Only For Real News Organizations’ (VIDEO)

At a speaking event wherein Roger Stone mused about a variety of topics, he was questioned on daily press briefings and their necessity or lack thereof.

The question came from Rebel Media’s D.C. Bureau Chief Jack Posobiec:

“Roger, given the state of the media today, what do you think about these daily press briefings? Should those be continued? Should some of it be changed? Or should the entire structure of that be changed?”

Roger responded with a sentiment shared by so many that are opposed to the media while utilizing his articulate eloquence and charm:

“Well, the press – the media – has a sense of entitlement, they think that they’re somehow entitled to this, but the President, in fact, has the right to reorient this in any way he can. I guess if I were him, I’d start by revoking the credentials of CNN. See, press credentials are only for real news organizations. I don’t that we should continue the press briefings – I think the President, who is his own best spokesman, should probably do a weekly briefing himself, that would be the most effective.”

You can watch the full video below:


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