Republican Greg Gianforte Body-Slams Liberal Reporter — Goes on to Easily Win Montana Special Election

GOP Candidate Body Slams Liberal Reporter — Then Wins Election

It Sure Sucks to be a Democrat…

On Wednesday GOP candidate Greg Gianforte grabbed a Guardian reported by the neck and then body-slammed on a stage in front of reporters.

Tonight Greg Gianforte is winning the Montana US House Special Election.

With 62% of precincts reporting Gianforte now holds a 6 point lead.
Candidate Percent Votes
Greg Gianforte (Republican) 50.5% 129,012
Rob Quist (Democratic) 43.6% 111,348
Mark Wicks (Libertarian) 5.8% 14,923
62% Precincts Reporting, 255,283 Total Votes


UPDATE — It wasn’t even close…
Gianforte won easily of singing cowboy Rob Quist.

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