POTUS Trump Reassures Israel: “Iran Will NEVER Have Nuclear Weapons!”

President Trump’s first foreign trip, and first visit to the Middle East, as President further illustrates his strength and leadership capabilities as he dealt with the Saudis and Israelis who in turn greeted him with open arms and gracious receptions.

In another powerful and decisive move, President Trump today assured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Iran will never have nuclear weapons. He asserted that Iran felt it could “do what they want” following their successful finessing and railroading of the U.S.’s blundering former President Barrack Obama.

The President commented on how Iran had won a “fantastic deal” from Obama that should have put them in a position to better serve their relationship with the West, but, as Trump put it, “instead of saying thank you,” the Iranians decided to back terrorism. The President spoke on how Iran funded, backed, trained and equipped terrorists and militia units with radical Islamic links and identities.


“Iran will never have nuclear weapons, that I can tell you,” President Trump reassured Prime Minister Netanyahu.

In every way, President Trump exudes confidence and strength and represents an America that is rooted in nationalistic optimism and pride and our pride is reflected among the pride of our truest allies and new friends. The Trump administration is providing a strong foundation for future relationships the U.S. may open with foreign powers. In the Trump era, his message stands loud and clear: America stands strong beside our allies.

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