POLICE ATTACKED at Swedish School That Received Peace Prize for Accepting Third World Refugees

Värnhem School in central Malmö received a special prize for accepting the most refugees.

Today the school is surrounded by barbed wire and metal gates.

This week police officers were attacked by students at Värnhem School
Fria Tider reported, via Religion of Peacce:
(translated from Swedish)


Police officers were attacked on Monday afternoon in connection with an intervention at the Värnhems School in Malmö, writing several media.

Police were alerted at five o’clock in the afternoon to the school due to noise. When the patrol grabbed a person they were attacked.

“A number of young people jump on the police when they hold it down the first guy,” says a witness to Aftonbladet.

According to Skånska Dagbladet , there were two groups of men and women between the ages of 20 and 50 who were in conflict with each other. The same magazine writes that students from school were involved in the noise.

Two people were arrested by the police. One of them is suspected of promoting refugees, violence against officials and violent resistance. The other, a 16-year-old, is suspected of abuse and violent resistance, but released quite soon because of his low age.

Värnhemsskolan received 2015 the “Peace Prize of the Schools” by the King for receiving so many immigrants from the third world. In February of this year, Expressen found that the school is now forced to take barbed wire and order guards to maintain the scheme since school has been affected by violence and chaos. “What was wrong?” Wondering the leftliberal newspaper in its article.

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