Obama Lackey Jen Psaki: Hillary Would Have Lost on October 27, Too (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton came out of the woods to speak at the women’s conference in New York City last week.

During her talk Hillary insisted she would have won the election if the vote was held on October 27th. Then she blamed Russia and FBI Director James Comey for her loss.

Sunday on CNN’s Parts Unknown former Obama Communications Director Jen Psaki disputed Hillary Clinton’s recent comments and suggested she would not win the election on November 8th or October 27th.


“I do think if you look at her comments about what she said about it would have been guaranteed she would have won on October 27th. We don’t really know that. Was sexism a factor? Yes. Was Comey a factor, was Russia a factor? Absolutely. But I’ve watched a lot of focus groups. I’ve looked at a lot of polling over the years and the perception of her was baked in the cake for about ten years.”

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